Every sport has fundamentals that are taught to little leaguers and professionals alike. They are basic body mechanics that have been proven to maximize skill and enjoyment. With Disc Golf still being in its infancy as a professional sport, the fundamentals have yet to be clearly or consistently defined. Until now. Whether you’re brand new to the sport of Disc Golf or simply ready to start playing with proper fundamentals to achieve longer, more accurate throws, Disc Golf Instruction is your fast track to more fun and more amazing throws every time you play this beautiful game.

With 3-time United States Champion and world-renowned teacher, Will Schusterick as your coach, we can guarantee more fun and a better game. In each series of videos, you’ll see Will Schusterick teach and demonstrate exactly what it takes to maximize the potential of your distance, accuracy, and putting game… complete with slow-motion high-definition cinematography to ensure you can easily emulate every move.

In the Disc Golf world, Will is known for cutting through complicated approaches to skill development, so his “less is more” highly-visual approach to technique development is so easy to grasp that even a youngster can pick it up in just a few weeks… sometimes even the very first day. It’s truly that SIMPLE when done right… the DGI™ way. That said, even the most advanced players gain immensely when these time-proven, championship level fundamentals are consistently implemented. Why do you need Disc Golf Instruction? That’s why. And it’s guaranteed to improve your game.