Is buying a video a one time purchase?

When you purchase a video from the DGI video series it is a one time purchase with lifetime access! The video can be downloaded or streamed on our site. Also, once a video is purchased you are a member of the DGI site, and have exclusive access to bonus videos and content as it rolls out!

How can I access content?

To access your purchased videos the first thing you need to do is LOG-IN. Once you login our site will detect what videos you have purchased and allow access through our Members tab on our menu.

Am I considered a “Founding Member”?

As Disc Golf Instruction grows we will be offereing FREE content to the customers who have shown their support while we improve our membership levels, BONUS content, and future installments. Founding members are defined by joining the site before the Advanced Series is released!

When will new series of videos such as the Advanced and Professional Series be released?

The Team at Disc Golf Instruction have VERY high standards when it comes quality of content that we sell our members. We work hard on editing, producing, scripting, and hire top notch professionals for motion graphics in our videos. All of these points take some time, but the result is always the highest quality instructional video you can purchase!

Is the beginner series one video?

The Beginner Series is one video, yes. But with purchasing the Beginner Series you will have access to all BONUS videos that release throughout the year along with some personal videos from Will Schusterick throughout the tour season!  We’ve also made it easier on you, and broken up the video into several smaller sections for greater accessibility!

How do I re-set my password?

Once you’re at the “Log-In” section under the MEMBERS tab, there’s a link at the bottom for forgotten passwords…or, alternatively, just CLICK THIS!

How do I download my purchased video?

If you are looking to download a video you purchased, head to the specific Video Access page and click the “Download” link below the top video. Enjoy! 

Will there be physical DVD’s available for purchase?

Yes! We are working on offering a physical DVD for purchase ASAP. Stay tuned to our social media for future updates!

What is the best way to contact DGI with questions/concerns?


How do I attend a DGI event?

If there is an event in your town come out and show your DGI membership for free entry into any DGI event! Head on over to the “Events” section of our site and signup for our newsletter to be updated with new events coming into your area!