Online Lesson with Will Schusterick


Have you always wanted a PERSONAL lesson with a 3x United States Champion, former #1 player in the world, and WORLD RENOWNED teacher of disc golf technique? With this “Online Lesson” purchase you are able to send in ONE video of your disc golf form and Will Schusterick will give you PERSONAL advise on how to improve your game! This lesson includes a voice over from Will with DETAILED instructions on what to do to help improve your form. Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW and WATCH THIS VIDEO on HOW TO FILM CORRECTLY! You can CLICK HERE to watch an example of how Will will critique your form!

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  • Watch a tutorial video of the “Online Lesson” HERE.
  • Watch an EXAMPLE of a critique video HERE.
  • The instructions for sending in your video will follow after you checkout!
  • Please send videos as Private or Public Youtube links. This is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to get the critiqued finished!
  • The videos MAY OR MAY NOT be on a course.
  • The overall result of the throw does not matter. For example, if you throw it up in the air too high or throw into the ground.
  • The video MUST be shot at an angle where Will can view the disc the whole time during your run up/throw. For example: Right hand back hand throws should be behind the player slightly to the LEFT so Will can see everything about the throw.
  • The video can last for as long as you need with the SAME TYPE of throw. For example: Do NOT send in a putting critique video with a few putts and then a backhand form at the end. We will not recognize this and whatever throw is FIRST will get the critique.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks time to get the critique video back.

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