...Take your game to the Next Level


Disc Golf Instruction is set on releasing the HIGHEST quality video series that Disc Golf has ever seen! Are you ready to start taking your game to the next level? The Advanced Series helps experienced players take the steps necessary to up their game following the same learning curve as many of the world’s top players. If you’re ready to start playing Disc Golf on a competitive level with consistent improvement over time, the Advanced Series is a must!

 The Disc Golf Instruction Advanced Series aims for one basic goal, to help you shave strokes off your score every time you play! If you’re ready to start CRUSHING your personal best scores at all your favorite local courses, it starts with the concepts shared in this series.

Start feeling confident behind every shot and start winning some tourneys! This Advanced Series includes instructional videos such as WristLower Body MovementX-StepFollow Through, Jump Putting, Approach, and as a BONUS even instruction on throwing Forehand! When learning the fastest growing sport in the world, it is very easy to get started with terribly incorrect form, especially with virtually every enthusiast out there using their own personal approach developed through experimentation. Disc Golf Instruction takes out the guesswork and plainly details the fundamentals to ensure you play the game the right way!