In this most important series of the Disc Golf Instruction set, Will Schusterick teaches the basic fundamentals of the game like never before. In the Basic Series Will teaches proper grip, stance, reach-back, follow-through, and the most effective putting techniques all based on the same fundamentals used by the top pros in the sport of Disc Golf. For that, even advanced and professional players will gain immensely from the Beginner Series. Fundamentals matter most

When learning the fastest growing sport in the world, it is very easy to get started with terribly incorrect form, especially with virtually every enthusiast out there using their own personal approach developed through experimentation. Disc Golf Instruction takes out the guesswork and plainly details the fundamentals to ensure you play the game the right way!

We take you through the fundamentals of grip, stance, body position, reach back, and follow through using the simplest most effective techniques used in competition by professionals, but still easily learned by beginners. Disc Golf Instruction is the first ever teaching series that breaks Disc Golf down to the most critical basics of the game, and takes you step by step into the deeper intricacies of the game as soon as you’re ready to advance! Even pros will want the Beginner Series in their library!